The Love eBook and Marble Falls Texas

February 13, 2009

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, not just here in Marble Falls, Texas, but obviously all over.  Times have been hard for many people and buying gifts for the one you love just isn’t making it right now for some.  Here’s an idea. . . Julie Roads, one of my favorite writers, came up with an amazing idea called the Love eBook.  It’s a collaboration of poems and art submitted by people just like you and me.  Besides being a great read, it’s FREE to download and give as a gift!  One word. . . SWEET!  It’s only available through this link, so click the banner and get your copy.  There is an optional donation to a charity, so take the time to read about it too.  You may not donate this time, but keep it in mind for next.
Love Ebook

On another sweet note, the LCRA is going to begin filling up Lake Marble Falls this coming week.  It’s been a wonderful few weeks being able to see “the falls” with the water level this far down.  Say goodbye for several more years because the falls will once again be deep underwater.

If you have questions about the Highland Lakes area, either general or regarding real estate, please feel free to drop me an email, or just call me directly.  It’s always a joy to be able to help. . . it’s just what I do!  Jem