6 Reasons to Choose the Texas Hill County – Reacquaint Yourself!

I was asked not long ago, “why the Hill Country and not Dallas or Houston”?  Don’t get  me wrong, I grew up south of Houston, have a brother who lives in Dallas, and have been all over the Great State of Texas.  Our Motto is Friendship, and I don’t believe anybody who visits will deny that.  So why the Hill Country, here are 6 very good reasons:

1. Named by NY Times as the #1 travel destination in the U.S. – “The region is lush, colorful and, unlike much of the pancake-flat state, dotted with beautiful green hills that are evocative of Tuscany or the south of France.” - 

2.  Wine, Wine, and more Wine – Now the #2 wine destination in the nation, the Texas Hill Country has dozens of wineries to visit –

3.  Festivals, Weekend Trips, and One Day Adventures -  There is always so much to do.  Everything from one day trips to week long adventures.  Here is a great place to start your search - 

4.  Some of the BEST BBQ You’ve EVER Had – This is one place where BBQ is never hard to find.  Good BBQ is always close by, and Great BBQ isn’t very far.  BBQ in the Hill Country is like eating shrimp in Galveston, when done right, it’s always good - 

5.  Here lies the Largest Chain of Lakes in The State of Texas – Not only is it the largest chain of lakes in The State, it also is some of the clearest and cleanest water in all of Texas.  A person could spend weeks boating, fishing, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, or just playing on the many lakes that make up the Highland Lakes chain.  –

6.  Great Real Estate Value and an Even Better Place to Live! – I could write pages on this, but it’s already been done.  Take a look at these articles:





Your comments are always welcome, and feel free to add to the list.  I’d enjoy your thoughts on this post. 

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  1. Moving Pods says:

    Intersting concept regarding Texas hill county

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